Technology Services


We have three computers available for public use. Computers will be turned off ten minutes prior to the library closing. We do ask that patrons bring headphones if they intend to listen to anything on the computer. By using the computers you are agreeing to our computer policies. For more information about our computer policies please visit our Library Policies Page

Copying and Printing

We are happy to provide both copy and printing services here at the library. Users are responsible for paying for all prints or copies that they make. Library Assistants are happy to provide support when available.


Black and White – $0.20 per page

Color – $0.50 per page


We provide Faxing services. The fees apply to both sending and receiving faxes. Please stay and wait for your confirmation when sending a fax.


First page – $1.50

Each Additional Page – $0.50


We now provide lamination services. There is no separate fee for additional pages. Please be patient or call ahead as we need to warm up the lamination device prior to use.


Each page – $1.00

Tech Time

Bring your tech troubles to tech time the first Saturday and second Thursday of each month at 11:00 am! A library staff member will help you with any tech issues you may be having. Work with our staff to find a solution. The event is open to the public and on a drop-in basis. If you have a specific question please RSVP here so we can be prepared to help you.