Resources for the general community of Northern Michigan can be found below.

Community Resources

Cheboygan County Community Foundation

Cheboygan County Humane Society

Cheboygan Daily Tribune News

Cheboygan Family, Community, & Civic Organizations

Cheboygan Genealogical Society

Consumer Reports Full Online Access

Dept. of Natural Resources

EduMed’s Online Nursing Pathfinder

Glow Community Center

History of Indian River

Indian River Events Schedule

Indian River Flows Youtube Channel

Indian River, MI Demographics

Indian River Golf Club

Indian River Lions Club

Inland Lakes Schools

Inland Water Route Historical Society

IR Chamber of Commerce

Kiwanis Club of Indian River

Meals on Wheels

Mesothelioma Help

Mental Health Resources from Stay Well Library of Michigan Program

Michigan Water Trails

Northern Michigan Community Groups

Nothern Michigan Trail Map

Northland Library Cooperative

Online Healthcare Education Degrees

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl

Protecting Children From Online Drug Dealers

Real ID Deadline Information

Resume Builder

Resources on RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections)

Straits Area Community Foundation

Straitsland Resorter

Tuscarora Township Census Data

Tuscarora Township Community Page

Tuscarora Township News