Room Rentals

DURING COVID PLEASE NOTE: The meeting room is limited to 4 persons, masks required.  There will also be a limit to one meeting per day and it will then be cleaned and quarantined until the next day after the meeting has concluded.

The Indian River Area Library has one room available for use by the public. Please review our meeting room policy below before reserving a meeting room. For more information please contact us at (231) 238-8581 Click here to reserve a meeting room.

Our Makerspace is not currently available for rental as it is under construction. To provide input on our makerspace click here.

Meeting Room Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of the Indian River Area Library to allow businesses, organizations and groups to use the Library meeting room and makerspace on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting
their use.

General Meeting Room Principles:

  • Library programs and meetings have first priority for meeting room use and are exempt from any restrictions.
  • A group may be required to reschedule a meeting if it is in the library’s best interest. The library will do its utmost not to interfere with scheduled meetings and adequate advance
    notice will be given.
  • Allowing the use of meeting rooms does not connote sponsorship of the event or the organization by the Indian River Area Library, nor does it connote an endorsement of any group’s policies or beliefs.
  • In the event of inclement weather, utility outage, or other emergency, the library director may have to close the library and cancel scheduled meetings. If cancellation becomes necessary, the library will notify the person who made the reservation. In the event of
    such a cancellation, the library shall have no liability for any loss or expense if the applicant chooses not to reschedule.
  • The library director reserves final authority to approve or deny applications for use of the meeting rooms. The director or his/her designee may grant exceptions to the rules.
  • Private parties are not permitted
  • Rooms not reserved are available to walk-in individuals and groups (including nonresidents) as space permits. However, walk-ins will be subject to the same fee criteria as stated below.

Library Guidelines:

  • The Library has a meeting room and a makerspace.
  • The makerspace and meeting room are available during the Library’s open hours.
  • The library reserves the right to make available the name and phone number of the person or group making a reservation to anyone inquiring about the event.
  • The Library reserves the right to restrict use by those who do not abide by these conditions.
    Open flames and incense are prohibited throughout the library.
    Solicitation of library users inside or on library grounds is prohibited.

User group’s responsibility:

  • Groups using any space in the library or on library grounds must abide by the library’s Anti-discrimination and equal employment statement and meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
  • Groups are responsible for maintaining order and are liable for any damage to library property. All library policies must be adhered to.
  • Users may post on the library provided white boards/tack boards, and any such display must be removed at the close of the event. Tacking or writing on inappropriate surfaces (painted walls, ceilings, doors) is deemed a violation of this policy.
  • Room users are responsible for the condition of the room, including equipment and furnishings. Users must clean the room, put the furniture back the way they found it and discard all trash.
  • Neither the name nor the address of the Indian River Area Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization, group or individual. Publication of misleading notices and advertisements will be considered a violation of these rules.
  • Groups requesting meeting facilities for a series of meetings must submit, in writing, a list of specific dates and times. The library reserves the right to limit the number of reservations by any organization so that all groups may have a fair opportunity to use the
    meeting rooms. If a recurring reservation is not used two times consecutively, all remaining reservations may be canceled.
  • Cancellations should be made with at least three days notice or room users may lose their reservation privileges.
  • Persons, organizations, groups, or businesses agree to hold the Indian River Area Library harmless from any injury, loss, damage, liability, costs, or expense that may arise during, or be caused by, use of the library facilities or grounds

Meeting Room Fees:

  • Individuals that have a Indian River Area Library Card in good standing may reserve the library meeting rooms at no charge, for up to 4 hours, unless one of the below fee criteria applies.
  • Organizations that are located within the legal and contractual area of the Indian River Area Library may reserve the library meeting rooms at no charge, as long as the person booking the room and is in attendance during the meeting, holds a Indian River Area Library Card in good standing and none of the below criteria applies.
  • Fee Criteria: If at least one of these statements is true, then the below fee will be assessed for reserving a room:
    1. I do not have an unexpired Indian River Area Library card.
    2. There is a cost for participants to attend the meeting, including hourly rates, retainers, tuition, or dues.
    3. Products or services will be sold or marketed at the meeting.
    4. Campaigning for specific candidates takes place.

  • Fees:
    • Meeting Room: $10 for up to four hours of usage
    • Makerspace: $15 for up to four hours of usage
  • Tutors and Teachers utilizing the library for a safe, central location to meet students will not be charged a fee if they walk-in and ask for space. They will be charged the $10 fee if they choose to reserve a room.
  • Non-residents may use a room for no fee, on a walk in basis, as long as Fee Criteria #2, #3, and #4 are false.


  • Indian River Area Library Card in good standing – a library card that was issued by the Indian River Area Library as a resident, student, or employee, the account connected with the card unexpired and has less than $5.00 in fines or fees.
  • Indian River Area Library legal and contractual area – includes Tuscarora Township and Mentor Township